Incomplete and “the Jupiter” distribution was not found

After using PIP Uninstall or Conda Uninstall jupyter, it is common to find that a jupyter notebook has not been fully uninstalled because PIP uninstalls only some of its packages when it is uninstalled.
Complete unloading of jupyter can be used:

pip install pip-autoremove
pip-auto remove jupyter -y

Can delete complete jupyter
It actually deletes the following related libraries, and if there are libraries that other libraries depend on, you can manually uninstall those that are not needed.

pip uninstall jupyter
pip uninstall jupyter_core
pip uninstall jupyter-client
pip uninstall jupyter-console
pip uninstall notebook
pip uninstall qtconsole
pip uninstall nbconvert
pip uninstall nbformat

Pay attention to the PIP/PIP3 switch.
“The jupyter” distribution was not found, but on The command line type jupyter still exists, because there are several jupyter computers in The system. This problem seems to be relatively rare, and there are few discussions on CSDN /stack Overflow. I happened to encounter this error today and solved it, so I would like to share the solution here.
The crux of the matter is that it is possible to have multiple versions of jupyters installed in multiple Python/PIP environments, and when PIP Uninstall, only jupyters for this version are uninstalled. The version using piPs can be viewed with which PIP, and you can use which -a PIP to view all piPs installed on your machine.
Therefore, we can see all versions of jupyter with which -a jupyter and then corresponding to one by one uninstall. For the most part, the file paths for jupyter and PIP are the same, so it is enough to remove them with the PIP of that directory.
such as, suppose we see a jupyter path is /usr/local/bin/jupyter, we can use the following command to remove it:

/usr/local/bin/pip uninstall jupyter

Of course you can ls the directory to see all jupyter related libraries, and then use the top of the manual unload way to remove one by one.
Of course it is possible that you have something like jupyter under Snap, if you see a jupyter that is something like /usr/bin/Snap under the directory.
for jupyter, snap remove jupyter can be uninstalled using snap remove jupyter.
Remove all versions of jupyter and a jupyter notebook and then use PIP Install to reinstall, with PIP Install-U PIP of course recommended to update the PIP before installation
Finally, the possible cause of this error is personal analysis under anaconda environment when installing jupyter, using Sudo APT install jupyter-core or Sudo Snap install jupyter. Use conda Install or PIP Install jupyter as far as possible for a jupyter installation.

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