Linux error deletion how to recover

one day, after boot as usual when a common software, suddenly reported an error /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version glibc_2.28 ‘not found, the original is the version of libc is wrong, so download unzip update, re-establish the soft link, found that almost all commands can not be used. So </code b> can only use some commands by adding LD_PRELOAD=/lib/ x86_64-gnu / can only use some commands. Attempt to restart directly kernel panic =_=||


  1. to create soft connection before entering the root model, then you can update the libc normal. So. 6 (I haven’t tried) </ li>
  2. if you pack is a dual system, then it is simple, direct from another system to access the directory, and the libc. So. 6 to replace the original file (to the original version)
  3. if there is only one system on your machine, you can use RUFUS startup disk 】 【 create a usb stick, and then U disk to start the system, to modify the libc. So. 6.

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