Linux remote copy command and not a regular file solution

Linux remote copy: SCP


SCP filename [email protected] IP :/ path /


Copy the file of test.tar from the local home directory to the /home/adm/ directory of the remote host The command is: SCP /home/test.tar [email protected]:/home/adm/ enter the password


The SCP provides several options to simply add to the SCP


– When p copies a file, it keeps the time when the source file is created.  

– Q does not display any prompt message when performing a file copy.  

-R copies the entire directory at

– When v copies a file, a prompt message is displayed.  

Linux SCP: /usr/tools: not a regular file failed to successfully transfer solution

1: could not permissions chmod 777
2: when using SCP plus – r parameter
SCP – r [email protected]:/usr/tools/XXXX

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