Endnote inserting documents causes word to crash! ! Solution

Read the following online.
1. Close Proofreading
2. Recovery from backups
The above is a bit tedious.
———————– official response ——————-
The cause of the problem is that there are interactions such as field codes that conflict with the endnotes. The solution is to clean the word file, i.e. delete the field code.
Official Steps.
The details are as follows (see original English for windows and mac):
1. back up your documents
2. Ctrl + a check mark
3.Crtl + 6 to remove the code (this is the key step)
4. Ctrl + C and V to copy to a new document.
Actually, operation 3 should solve the problem, I did try copying to the new document and indeed I can insert documents at will without crashing.
PS (error): just tried, will be in front of the chart directory ctrl + 6 after the document can be inserted into the literature normally.
My steps are: 1. select all the preceding directories 2. ctrl + 6 3. find the location of the insert literature or directly follow the new, successfully completed 4. ctrl + z to reply to the directory link status.
I hope this will help you.


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