Install apache2.4 on windows to solve the problem of the requested operation has failed

  1. double-click on \Apache\Apache24\bin\ ApacheMonitor. Exe to start, click start the requested operation has failed to report an error.
  2. at first thought it was port 80, changing port 80 won’t help.
  3. CMD open \Apache\Apache24\bin\, and enter httpd-t to display normally.
  4. CMD open \Apache\Apache24\bin\ and enter httpd. exe-w-n “apache2.4” -k start.
  5. shows not baidu experience said OS 10013 problems, but OS 10048
  6. then find this article solve the problem of OS 10048, Because there is a problem that 443 is occupied, we have modified the two files in \conf\extra\ and changed 443 to 442.
  7. but then appeared a new problem, looked at the server. CRT file exists, {SRVROOT} has also been configured, close look is HTTPD -ahssl.conf file has a {SSRVROOT}, the default file actually has this error, delete an S, change to {SRVROOT}.
  8. and then start is successful.
    summary: change 443 port, ${SSRVROOT}.

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