#How to handle the installation rollback and 1205 connection error of pulse secure ා

To use the school server to run data before deciding to VPN client xiaonei.
I didn’t expect all kinds of problems to happen…
I am a Win8 system. I installed Pulse Secure and have been rolling back. I tried various methods on the Internet, such as changing MaxFilternum, uninstalling anti-virus software and adding administrator privileges, but all failed.
Check the local services – Enable Device Install Service and Device Setup Manager, and the installation is successful again!

processing on 1205 error unable to set virtual adapter:
This is generally a problem of installation. My error may be caused by the mismatch between the file pulse Client setup.exe downloaded when I used the web VPN… In short, uninstall Pulse Secure and then reinstall it. Be sure to uninstall it clean!! Can not uninstall or uninstall the process error must have a file residue, check your task manager to see what relevant procedures are running, and then right-click to close (I am through this method to find a client setup program) find the root directory uninstall clean, and then reinstall!

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