Restoring web applications from an installatron backup on my Linux host

If by the United States Center for Domain name US Domain Center: Installatron installed in the Linux host account application, you can use Installatron backup these applications. You can then use these backups to restore your application to its previous state.
Required: Installatron does not automatically create a backup file for your application – you must have created the backup file manually and then follow these steps.

    Go to the US Domain Center product page. Under Web Hosting, select Manage next to the Linux Hosting account you want to use. In the Accounts Dashboard (control panel), select CPanel Admin (CPanel Administrator). On the cPanel home page, select Web Applications, and then under My Applications, select the Web application that you want to restore (for example, WordPress in the screenshot below). On the installed page, in the top right corner, click My Backup. Next to the backup you want to use, click the icon below Restore to the original location, and click Continue. Click Restore.

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