Error 1406: could not write value installpath to key
Before, a VMware was installed on the computer. Later, the system was reinstalled and VMware could not be used. Fortunately, the file of LINUX was imported
It works. Today, install VMware into the same directory of the old files, and report when it is almost finished:
Error 1406: could not write value installpath to key/soft ware/vmware, inc/vmwareconverter hosted verify that you have sufficient access to that key or contalt your support personnel “this Error.
I received it online, and the netizen said it was reasonable that the old VMware registry value was not deleted last time. I did not delete it at all, but directly overwrote it.
The reason may be that the old VMware registry key was not deleted clean before installation, so the current installation cannot write the registry file of registry Software/VMware. The solution is simple: find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE–> Software-> VMware, Inc., delete the whole thing, close the registry, and re-run the VMware installation file. Then the problem can be solved.
If the same problem cannot be installed after the above operation, the stupid (and most effective) method is to find the registry, delete all the key values related to VMware, repeat Ctrl+F to find “VMware” and then delete. In order to avoid misoperation, it is recommended to backup the registry in advance.
PS. After deleting this key, retry can be installed normally.

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