npm ERR Error: EPERM:operation not permitted, rename

npm ERR! Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, rename

Problem background: Recently, there was a problem with the packaging of the project. I thought it was caused by the node version problem, so I tossed and switched several versions, which led to the problem of NPM

    when NPM is installed, the following error is reported (the picture refers to someone else’s, infringed or deleted). There are many reasons for this error. The specific reason is that the node version and windows version are intertwined, which makes it impossible to find out exactly (I hope some big guys can find it)
    in addition, the time when this problem occurs is also different, some are during installation, Some are during run dev, and some are during packaging.
    after encountering problems, the first is a variety of search solutions. The commonly used solutions are probably the following:

    Run CMD as administrator

    Because the system prompts that the permission is not enough, I am now an ordinary user. Then I run as an administrator. The idea is feasible
    see: Fe/article/details/81629330

    Delete the. Npmrc file in the user directory

    This scheme can solve some problems to a certain extent

    Clear cache + reinstall: NPM clear cache — force, NPM install


    Delete the file mentioned in the error message

    Some people say that this solution can solve the problem, but I can’t find the file

    Close all editors that reference the current project

    Because his error message says “the current file may be open in another editor”, close the editor, clear the cache, and then reload

    Finally, a post in stack overflow is attached. The discussion below this post is very intense. There are many schemes. If you are interested, you can look


    Please note that
    I hope some big guys can give the real reason for this problem and hold their fists

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