An error occurred when starting pyspider with Python 3.7

Keyword problem
the last sentence of the question appears
file “D: (installed/Python/lib/site packages/pyspider”\ ”, line 231
async=True, get_ object=False, no_ Input = false):
syntax error: invalid syntax
the reason is: async is the keyword in Python 3.7
the solution is to replace this keyword. There are mainly two files: D: (installed) python (LIB) site packages (pyspider)\ And D: installed, python, lib, site packages, pyspider, fetcher, tornado_
when replacing, please note: only replace the variable or parameter name named async. Do not try to save trouble by selecting “replace all”
after saving, run “pyspider all” again
at this time, the spider only starts to “scheduler XMLRPC listening on” and stops
to continue to replace python_ HOME\Lib\site-packages\pyspider\webui\ Async
starts again
and reports an error again: valueerror: invalid configuration:
– modified option ‘domain controller’: use ‘HTTP’_ authenticator.domain_ Controller ‘instead.
solution: turn on python_ HOME\Lib\site-packages\pyspider\webui\ File, modify line 209
to change ‘domain controller’: needauthcontroller (APP)
‘http>_ Authenticator ‘: {
‘http authenticator’: needauthcontroller (APP),
save the file
run again and succeed

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