AES CBC PKCs × 7 encryption

Performing encryption behind Java. Security. InvalidKeyException: illegal Key Size
Because the key is more than 128, sell Java. Security. InvalidKeyException: Illegal key size. Because the key length is limited, the Java runtime environment reads restricted policy files.
solution :
lution A:
g> the official download of the JCE unrestricted permission policy file, and replace the corresponding file
JDK7 download address:
JDK8 download address:
Download after decompression can see local_policy. Jar and US_export_policy jar and readme. TXT
if installed JRE, put the two jar files in % JRE_HOME % \ lib \ security directory under the cover of the original file
if installed JDK, and put the two jar files are in % JDK_HOME % \ JRE \ lib \ security directory to cover the original file
Option B:
Replace Oracle JDK with OpenJDK, the free and open source Java version of Oracle. OpenJDK does not have this limitation, and most Java services run on the OpenJDK environment

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