Tomcat start error touch under Linux

Touch: unable to touch/usr/local/tomcat6.0/logs/ catalina.out ”: there is no file or directory

Tomcat startup error:

[ [email protected] bin]# ./
Using CATALINA_ BASE: /usr/local/tomcat6.0
Using CATALINA_ HOME: /usr/local/tomcat6.0
Using CATALINA_ TMPDIR: /usr/local/tomcat6.0/temp
Using JRE_ Home:/usr/local/JDK/JRE
touch: cannot touch “/ usr/local/tomcat6.0/logs/ catalina.out ”: no file or directory
/usr/local/Tomcat/bin/ : line 310: /usr/local/tomcat6.0/logs/ catalina.out : without that file or directory
// prompt that/usr/local/tomcat6.0/logs cannot be created/ Catalina.out This is a file because there is no logs directory;

just create a logs directory

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