[Solved] Vue E-Charts Error: These dependencies were not found:

Error reporting background

At present, I am working on a single page project of Vue. I temporarily replaced the system disk because I started a new project, which is actually a very easy reason to think of. However, the error “pointing to a component can not be found” on the console page at that time. In my mind, I first thought that there was a problem with my own partial introduction. After checking many introduction methods, I found that it did not seem to be the problem, Later, the reaction may be that the original things were moved because the disk was changed, and the dependencies are not in the current project directory. Although the version number of eckards is registered in package.json, the things are not detected by moudule, so naturally they can’t be retrieved.


There is no problem running my code in the original environment, so the solution is very simple. Just download the required ecarts package and run the following command

// echarts download code
cnpm install [email protected] --save
//the reaseon for limiting version number:default 5 dont conatin Map components

Of course, because I changed the disk, I didn’t even have NPM, not to mention cnpm, not even inode… Of course, if you encounter these problems, just download the corresponding version you need
after downloading the dependencies, you can first go to package.json or the dependency file corresponding to your own project to check whether it is registered correctly, and then check whether the module has a corresponding package to develop a good development habit


After NPM running again, the IDE screen is displayed normally and the web page is displayed normally, OK.
(the picture will not be displayed here, otherwise the information security will be leaked.)

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