Vue Startup Error: 98% after emitting CopyPlugin This dependency was not found:

Svn downloaded my colleague’s Vue last night. This morning, NPM install kept reporting errors. I was so angry that I directly copied the node in the previous file_ Modules, then continue NPM run Dev and report an error (as shown in the figure below):

I’ve been looking online and couldn’t find it. I also asked my colleagues. My colleagues said I might have a problem with NPM install. Continue to find the answer on Baidu CSDN!! Finally, the effort pays off. Now let’s show you my solution (below):

mainly look at points 1 and 2. First open your folder according to the directory 1, and then look at the prompt of 2 to find this one. My prompt is to tell me that I quoted a file I don’t have, and then comment it out. It’s OK to run smoothly

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