[Solved] Vue item error: Regeneratorruntime is not defined

Project scenario:

The company’s official website project built with Vue scaffold

Problem Description:

async/await is used when processing asynchrony. It is found that the console reports an error regeneratorruntime is not defined

Cause analysis:

The project uses Babel, and Babel needs some auxiliary functions when translating ES6 syntax. When there is no module to encapsulate these auxiliary functions, it will report similar not defined.

Regeneratorruntime is an auxiliary function generated by Babel for async/await compatible syntax. Regenerator runtime is not defined. Obviously, the package of regenerator runtime is missing.


    1. install transform runtime
yarn add  @babel/plugin-transform-runtime -D

Configure Babel (I use Babel 7.0 as Babel.Config.JS)

plugins: [

Restart the service and find that there is no error when running

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