Vue Error: component has been registered but not used [Two Methods to Solve]


eslint the code checks that you registered the component but did not use it, and then reports an error. For example, code:

For example, the file component is registered in Vue , but it is not actually used:

  import File from "../../components/file";
  export default {
    components: {Pagination, File},

At this time, you can cancel the registration. Of course, sometimes we don’t want to cancel and don’t change the code. There are two solutions:

Method 1:

Modify the package. JSON
in package.JSON , find rules under eslintconfig , and add "Vue/no unused components": "off" 

Method 2:

If there is a eslintrc.JS file in the project, you can add it as well:

rules: {
  "vue/no-unused-components": "off"

Either of the two can be used. Restart the project after modification. Note: if both files are modified, the eslintrc.JS file has higher priority.

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