The Linux terminal appears bash: setup.bash : no such file or directory, and. Bashrc file

Earlier in the Linux open a terminal, he always appear bash:/opt/ros/indig/setup. Bash: No to the file or directory. This problem is related to the bash that needs to be loaded every time the terminal is opened.

/etc/bashrc: This file sets up environment information for each user of the system and is executed when the user first logs in and collects shell Settings from the configuration file in the /etc/profile.d directory. This file is read when the bash shell is opened.
~/.bash_profile: Each user can use this file to enter specific shell information for his or her own use, and this file is executed only once when the user logs in! By default, it sets some environment variables and executes the user’s.bashrc file.
~/.bashrc: This file contains bash information specific to your bash shell, which is read when you log in and every time you open a new shell.
/.bash_logout: This file is executed every time you exit the system (exit the bash shell)
I turn to open the file, the last in ~ /. Bashrc found the last line of this file: the source/opt/ros/indig/setup. Bash the bash file does not exist in the file system, so I deleted it. After that, it works fine when you start the terminal again.
P.S. We can get through

echo "source /opt/ros/indigo/setup.bash" >> ~/.bashrc

Command to add a path to the.bashrc file.

Then through

source ~/.bashrc

Order to put it into effect.

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