The Java command could not find or load the main class

1. First of all, to determine whether it is an environmental variable

If you input javac command and Java command in the command line, you can output a lot of things, which means that there is no problem in the configuration of environment variables. Otherwise, you need to configure environment variables

First, create a new Java_ The value of the home variable is the installation path of JDK. For example, my value is “D:// developtools/Java/JDK”. The contents in quotation marks, excluding quotation marks, are the same below.

Then add% Java after the path variable_ Home% \ bin “and% Java_ HOME%\jre\bin”

Create a new classpath variable with the value of “.”,% JAVA_ HOME%\lib;% JAVA_ HOME%\lib\tools.jar;”

The environment variables are configured.

2. If the path of the java file is correct, it is still reported that Java cannot find or load the main class, that is the problem of the package name. CMD locates in the SRC folder of the module, calls the Java command, and the bytecode file name is with the package name

That’s it


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