Could not find or load main class

It’s a shame that after all this time, Javac hello. Java is normal today when Java is running in CMD, Java hello, Could not find or load main class

public class TestHuman {

public static void main(String[] args) {

system.out.println (” hello Word!!”) );



can execute javac hello. Java instruction code is ok, when executing Java hello, there is a problem, it should be the environment variable configuration, what is the problem…

After a long search, I found the CLASSPATH {%JAVA_HOME%\lib; %JAVA_HOME%\lib\tools.jar}, preceded by “.;” .
Why is it missing?Does not affect Eclipse but will affect the operation of CMD…
Eclipse will automatically configure packages, projects, and paths for us, so that’s fine,
CMD has to manually configure these paths by itself, adding “. “means the current path, so there is no need to write the path step by step.

And I at the beginning of the configuration, should not understand what the point here is, there is no configuration, almost make a joke, mutual encouragement ~ mutual encouragement ~

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