Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from when the jar file is running

First of all, I would like to share with you a tutorial on artificial intelligence of Giant cow giant cow, which I found by accident. The course is not only zero basis, easy to understand, but also very funny humor, and from time to time there are connotation jokes, like reading a novel, haha ~ I am learning, I think it is too great, so to share with you! Click here to jump to the tutorial

Failed to load main-class manifest Attribute from… , this is due to the program is not set up to run the entry program.

Right-click on your JAR file, select Open mode — Winrar — to open the Meta-INF folder, and double-click on the MANIFEst.MF file inside. When you open it, you will see that there is only manifest-Version: 1.0 and no main-class: XXX configuration.
The solution —
Reopen your Eclipse, select the project that requires Export, right-click Export, and select Java –JAR File

After selecting the items you want to export, click Next – Next and go to the following page:

Notice the Main class :(you definitely don’t have any text), click Browse, select your Main function, and then finish.


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