The file is generated, but an error is still reported. Error: CreateProcess failed

         Remember, when using keil compiler in the past, there were such problems:

          At the first glance, I saw “1 error (s)”, and subconsciously thought that my program had made a mistake. I looked for it for a long time and didn’t find it.

         Later, I took a closer look and found that this error can be completely ignored because the required. Bin and. Hex files have been generated.

          This error is just that the file copy.bat is not generated, and I don’t need this file.

         But the bitch of OCD is itching. It’s uncomfortable to see an error hanging.

         In the option, I removed the check box before “run #2”.

         Just compile the unnecessary copy.bat file without parameters.

          At this point, compile again and 0 error will pass.

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