System architecture and product design of resource scheduling platform

Resource scheduling system, using spring boot to build system framework, spring cloud to achieve governance among multiple services, Eureka to achieve micro service registration and discovery, spring Data realizes the persistent management of all kinds of data; uses multi thread concurrent computing to improve system throughput and efficiency; uses thread asynchronous processing of ancillary business; uses asynchronous monitoring to reduce coupling; uses redis cache technology to reduce database pressure and improve system performance and response rate.

        Based on distributed job, multithread computing and asynchronous monitoring, it realizes the automatic scheduling of resources needed by business, the timing collection of task progress, the calculation of processing rate, the effective prediction of task end time, and the monitoring of resource usage and progress; it uses image to display resource usage to realize real-time monitoring of resources; it has a comprehensive resource usage monitoring mechanism and complete monitoring system Good server heartbeat detection mechanism, and support email early warning.





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