SVN: Please execute the ‘Cleanup‘ command.

There is a new bug in the project. I need to extract a new branch, but after extraction, this problem occurs in the update branch

Please execute the ‘Cleanup’ command.


Svn was interrupted due to an error updating the file with SVN


Scheme 1:

Click TortoiseSVN
select clean up
select break write locks

Scheme 2:

If scheme 1 fails, your SVN operation may be suspended

Download SQLite3 tool
decompress the sqlite3.exe file to the same level directory of. SVN directory
open the command line tool, switch to the same level directory of. SVN, and execute the following command
sqlite3.exe. SVN/wc.db “select * from work”_ queue”  
// this command can view the currently suspended SVN operations

sqlite3.exe .svn/wc.db “delete from work_ queue”  
// this command can delete the current suspended SVN operation

and then proceed to scheme 1

Scheme 3:

Check out a new. SVN file and replace the old. SVN file

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