[Solved] Redis Execute redis-cli shutdown Error: (error) ERR Errors trying to SHUTDOWN. Check logs.

When redis executes redis cli shutdown, it reports error err errors trying to shutdown Check logs.

1. Start the pseudo cluster after installing reids (the configuration file is in/data/server/redis/etc/redis.CONF)

redis-server /data/server/redis/etc/redis.conf
redis-server /data/server/redis/etc/redis.conf --port 6380
redis-server /data/server/redis/etc/redis.conf --port 6381
redis-server /data/server/redis/etc/redis.conf --port 6382

Generate multiple redis nodes

2 Suddenly want to delete the redundant nodes

redis-cli -p 6380 shutdown

Error reporting:

3 Solve the problem of
modifying the redis configuration file

vim /data/server/redis/etc/redis.conf
# Modify
logfile "/data/server/redis/log/redis.log"

Kill the redis process and restart it.

Redis cli shutdown can be used

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