[Solved] habse Start Error: Error: Could not find or load main class org.apache.hadoop.hbase.util.GetJavaProperty

Habse startup error

Habse startup error error: could not find or load main class org apache.hadoop.hbase.util.GetJavaProperty.
after referring to many articles on the Internet, it’s useless to modify classpath if the version doesn’t match.

Later, I saw an issue mentioned on Apache JIRA. Check his comments and see the following sentence:

Happens because I added hadoop to my PATH so then I go the HADOOP_IN_path in bin/hbase.

Thinking that Hadoop has been pre installed on the machine, it may be caused by this. Find hadpop in the bin/HBase file_IN_Path the following variables are found:

#If avail, add Hadoop to the CLASSPATH and to the JAVA_LIBRARY_PATH
# Allow this functionality to be disabled
  HADOOP_IN_PATH=$(PATH="${HADOOP_HOME:-${HADOOP_PREFIX}}/bin:$PATH" which hadoop 2>/dev/null)

In line 223 (hbase-3.0.0-alpha-1).
then add a line above this:


Disable lookup of haddop classpath.

Print the classpath with bin/HBase classpath , and it is found that there is no Hadoop path. There is no error message in bin/HBase version , and there will be no error when running the List command in bin/HBase shell. So the problem is solved.

However, why does the Hadoop path cause this problem? I didn’t take a closer look. There may be an explanation in the issue mentioned above. If you are interested, you can study it. I have to say that useful information on the Internet is too difficult to find. Make a record here. I hope this solution can help some people.

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