[Solved] Quartus 13 Uses IP Core NCO to generate DDS Error: Megawizard Error

quartus 13 利用IP核 NCO 生成dds出现Megawizard error解决

The following errors occurred when using NCO in IP core to produce DDS:

MegaWizard Error
MegaCore Function Generation Error
IP Functional Simulation Model Creation Failed. The following error was returned;Error: Quartus ll 32-bit Analysis & Synthesis was unsuccessful. 1 error, 2 warnings


I checked many methods on the Internet and cracked the IP core, but the problem still appears when quoting the IP core. After my actual measurement, it may be due to the problem of version 13.

Suggestion: it may be due to the problem with version 13. After installing version 18 of quartus, I can normally use fir # NCO and other IP cores

You can see that I modified the values of clock rate and desired output freq, but the waveform of the following magnet has not changed, but my IP core has been cracked.

After installing Quartus # 18, you can see that the magnetic waveform has a pulse at 6mhz, which is consistent with the output frequency we designed

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