[Solved] nova-compute.log Error: Instance failed block device setup

Project scenario:

Openstack private cloud failed to create a virtual machine

nvoa-compute.log prompt:
instance failed block device setup
multipathd is not running exit code 1

Problem description

Create a new virtual machine, select the corresponding image, network, storage, etc., and the creation fails. The host status is error

Cause analysis:

If the cloud host creation fails, you need to first determine the node that the cloud host was scheduled to, then go to that node and check the nova-compute logs and search for that log record by UUID. It is better to determine the request ID, req-id, that created that task and go to the error log, as shown in the figure showing that the node is not running the multipath service causing the volume creation to fail.


Start the corresponding node multipath service, and check whether the multipath service of all nodes is running normally.

systemctl restart multipathd.service
systemctl status multipathd.service

Then re-create the virtual machine.

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