[Solved] Centos Mount Error: XFS: log mount mount/recovery failed : error -117

Virtual machine startup error XFS

XFS: log mount mount/recovery failed: error – 117 when the virtual machine is started. In fact, the virtual machine cannot be mounted. The solution is as follows:


① Restart the virtual machine. After entering the startup interface, press e to enter the editing interface

② Find the line of linux16 and make the following modifications
change RO to RW init =/sysboot/bin/sh, and delete console = ttys0

③ After modification, press Ctrl + X to start
④ a few minutes after startup, the command line will appear

⑤ On the command line, enter systemctl status sysboot Mount
⑥ enter XFS_ Repair – V – L path in the figure above
⑦ wait for the file to be cleaned before the command line appears. Enter the command reboot to restart the virtual machine

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