Solve the problem of incomplete search results of outlook search function

Recently, when I used outlook, I found that the search results were always limited to a certain date when I searched e-mail in my inboxes according to the keywords of people’s names, and the search results were not complete at all.

The solution is to go to the file – & gt; Options tab, select search in the pop-up dialog box, then select index option, and then remove the check mark of Microsoft Outlook options in the moidfy dialog box.

After the setting is completed, the search should be conducted according to the keyword of the person’s name, which should be the complete result.


Then I thought, why?Because it could be. When we select Microsoft Outlook in the index options dialog box, that is to say, windows will index the files in outlook. When we use Outlook to search, outlook finds that it is in the index category, so it will look for things in the index directory, and the index directory is not up-to-date, which directly leads to incomplete search results.


If we remove the index option of outlook, outlook finds that it is not in the index category when searching, and will directly search all the files in outlook according to its own algorithm instead of in the index directory, so the result will be very complete and accurate.


In summary, the purpose of index is to speed up the search speed, but if the index directory is not updated in time, it will cause the incompleteness of the search results.

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