About adding legacy to linker additional dependencies_ stdio_ definitions.lib Solve the problem of incomplete standard library files

The C ++ file of VS2013 was reloaded with VS2017. The following problem was found
Error LNK2019 cannot resolve external symbol __imp__vsnprintf, which is referenced in the function __glfwinpuError
Error LNK2019 __imp__sscanf cannot resolve external symbols, the symbol referenced in the function __glfwRefreshContextAttribs
Method 1: Find a project in the VS2017 solution -> Properties in the linker ->;
> write #pragma comment(” legacy_stdio_defines.lib “) at the beginning of the startup file.
The reason for this problem is that many libraries are inline by default when VS2017 is compiled, so there are no library files to link to, so you have to specifically add library files to link to functions in the library
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