Solution to GitHub desktop login error: failed to fetch

Today is my first day to use github Desktop. When I try to log in with my account, an error occurs: Failed to fetch. This is so depressing. While I was searching that problem on Baidu, I found some other developers also met that problem, but I found no answer.

Then I searched that problem on Bing with English, I found a similar github issue. Some warm-hearted developer suggested that firewall or DNS problems can result in that kind of error. Then I found this is a network error. It is difficult visit Making in China. So, I runned a vpn, then the problem is solved. So, Check you firewall and network.

today was my first day on the github desktop. An error occurred when I tried to log in using my account: could not get. It’s frustrating. When I searched for this question on Baidu, I found that some other developers had also encountered this question, but I couldn’t find the answer.
then I searched the problem in English on Bing and found a similar github problem. Some avid developers have suggested that a firewall or DNS problem could cause this error. Then I realized it was a network mistake. It’s hard to visit Github in China. So, I ran a VPN and the problem was fixed. So check your firewall and network.

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