GitHub desktop upload file error commit failed – exit code 1 received

colleague handover Java project, want to upload to GitHub

USES GitHub DeskTop to clone the warehouse to local

ready to upload file, popup error report Commit failed – exit code 1 received

after I learned that this project may exist on GitHub before, the. Git file in the project needs to be deleted

.git is a hidden file. Windows sets to display the hidden file in view attribute. Mac can see

directly in access

delete it, note here that there is a. Git, do not delete this, to delete the project exists. Git [has been tested]

but after I deleted it, GitHub DeskTop was unable to detect the uploaded project

remove the project repository, reintroduce the project, remove.git, and list all options in your file

these project files uploaded to GitHub, will automatically organize the folder, do not worry, smooth upload.

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