Solution to Dell server system halted

A company server from Dell1950,
[email protected]
,2G memory, 146*2 SAS hard disk, reinstalled system, dosa boot, PCI error, prompt:

PCIe Degraded Link Width Error:
Embedded I/O Bridge Device6
Excepted Link Width Is X4
Actual Link Width Is X1
System Halted! , and is not into the BIOS.
it indicates that the internal bandwidth requirement is x4, but it is actually x1 at the moment. There are several ways: 1. You need to reset the BIOS to see, or just restore the BIOS default.
2: Try unplugging all peripherals PCI
3: Take off the motherboard battery before entering the BIOS
I used the third method to solve the problem that had been bothering me all day, without making any mistakes, and successfully installed the system. Also tell me a little bit of experience, think more before doing more hands, I think problems like similar problems such as server solution will be faster.

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