Maven’s jar package conflict; Maven’s introduction

How to resolve JAR package conflicts in Maven?Because of Maven’s implicit dependency on JARs, it can cause JAR package version conflicts in projects.
Maven comes with two ways:
Path Proximity Principle: Dependency on the path passed to the near priority.
Preference Declare Principle: Dependencies are defined in the POM file. The dependencies declared first prevail.
Manual configuration in two ways:
Method: by excluding rely on exclusion tag
lock version: through dependencyManagement lock version directly.
What is Maven and its life cycle?Maven is a project management tool that manages the entire life cycle of a project and manages the dependent JARs of a project. The life cycle of Maven includes: clean up, compile, test, package, install, and deploy with the following commands: MVN compile Java files into class files and output them to target directory. MVN test runs unit test classes. MVN package deploys include install. MVN deploy include install. And upload the project to the remote repository

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