soapUI Error Loading WSDL

Because the code changes, party a is to test their code, let me here to deploy a test environment, good let them to test,
I for convenience, copy a copy of the code on the server will be directly from the production, all configuration is changed to test the configuration, on the test server.
Error showing
results as soon as soapUi tool was tested, an error was reported. Error Loading WSDL


network problems?
but I use Telnet port is through, indicating that there is no problem with the network.

security configuration problem?Since the code is copied from the server, there is no reason why it cannot be run. The only difference is between the test server and the production server. What security configuration has the test server done?Asked colleagues, it seems that there is no special configuration, so I could not access, baidu online, to see if there is the same problem, sure enough, but they changed a tomcat Web.xml auth attribute to false, it can be passed. But I am jboss, how can I find this configuration

tool problem?Starts loading the WSDL file on the production server and shows that it loads normally. Obviously not?

local debug?
local deployment setup, local is normal, that is the program itself is no problem.

finally I couldn’t figure it out. I went to the server log and found that there was an error in the server log, that is to say, the project I deployed did not start successfully. Reported a mistake like this.
[D:\ \server\default.\deploy\lbsp_service.war] -choose unique values for the ‘webAppRootKey’ content-param in your web.xml files!

final reason: the test server has many projects, when deploying many projects, the project has a content web.xml needs to add this item:


With this addition, the project is normally deployed. The interface has been successfully accessed. Or carefully check the jboss log folder of the log, some errors, just a flash, you do not know whether there is an error. Also, some errors are likely to appear in the log file and not printed in the console, which can mislead you about errors.

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