Solution of grub loading error 17

Usually this error occurs when you install Windows and Ubutu Linux dual system on your computer. In the Windows environment, you make changes, such as deleting or formatting the Linux partition, resulting in the system can not find the Linux boot program when booting up, the MBR in Windows also appears damaged, the above error occurs.
After this kind of problem, there are many solutions, I will only talk about my practical operation of a relatively simple way.
Assuming you don’t have a cd-ROM drive, here’s how to do it:
(1) First of all, make a USB boot disk containing WinPE. You can go to the official website of the old peach to download the “WinPE-U disk version of the old peach”, and make your own USB boot disk with installation tips;
(2) Set the SYSTEM BIOS, adjust the startup sequence, and select USB-HDD;
(3) Download the MBR repair tool or PQ10.0 and put it on the U disk;
(4) Insert U disk, restart the computer, enter the WinPE system, use tools to repair your MBR under WinPE, such as open PQ10.0 in the toolbar there is a MBR repair, repair;
(5) Reset the BIOS, change the boot sequence, restart the computer.
After the above steps, you can boot up normally and enter your Windows system.

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