Error loading password’s fault file (MySQL for Excel)

Recently, error loading password’s fault file is always reported when opening excel, which is puzzling. However, xlsx file can still be opened, and I didn’t care about it.

However, it is not enough to import xlsx file as data.

Then, after carefully reading the error information, we found that it was MySQL for Excel. What the hell?How did excel get into MySQL.

So find out what’s wrong with MySQL, and then go online.

Finally, I found that when MySQL was installed, there was a component named MySQL for Excel.

Since there is a problem with MySQL for Excel and it can’t be used now, it’s time to unload it.

So, open MySQL installer, check MySQL for Excel (pay attention not to check other, otherwise it’s not good to unload MySQL), and choose Remove. It’s really a good thing.

OK, open excel and never report this error again

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