[Solved] Rtthread DCM component dcm_cache_save interface Error: mkdir:/data failed

The rtthread dcm data persistence component was used in the project, but mkdir:/data failed was reported during dcm_cache_save

But this error log is not the code of this project, it is confirmed that it is the log printed inside the dcm interface

Then confirmed that the macro #define DCM_DEFAULT_STORAGE_NAME “/user/data/db/dcm” is already in rtconfig.h

Declare that this macro is also useful for business code at system startup

The final investigation is because dcm_default_storage_name needs to be assigned when the system starts, and the dcm_strg.o of the dcm component depends on

If this variable is not assigned, it will default to mkdir:/data, but if /data has no permission, it will report that error.

So dcm_default_storage_name = DCM_DEFAULT_STORAGE_NAME is solved (it needs to be called at startup)

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