[Solved] error Component name “index“ should always be multi-word vue/multi-word-component-names


This article mainly records the solution of Vue eslint error component name “index” should always be multi word Vue/multi word component names.

1.  Reason for error reporting

Create a project using the latest Vue-cli. When NPM run serve runs the project, an error is reported, as shown in the following figure.

The reason is that the eslint-plugin-vue version has been updated, and compared to the previous version, there are many new rules in the @8 version, the first one is ‘vue/multi-word-component-names’: ‘error’, which requires component names to be named in camel format, so index.vue will report an error.

2. Solutions

  • Follow the rules and use camel naming, e.g. AppHeader.vue
  • Turn off the naming convention in the .eslintrc.js file
// .eslintrc.js
module.exports = {
  root: true,
  env: {
    node: true,
  extends: [
  parserOptions: {
    ecmaVersion: 2020,
  rules: {
    "vue/multi-word-component-names": [
        ignores: ["index"], //Component names to be ignored

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