Rk3399 boot into loader mode

Problem description

After burning the software on the main board of rk3399, it enters the loader mode again after restarting. You can view the following print records by viewing the log.

[ 11.254728] init: init first stage started!
[ 11.260572] init: Using Android DT directory /proc/device-tree/firmware/android/
[ 11.274173] init: [libfs_mgr]fs_mgr_read_fstab_default(): failed to find device default fstab
[ 11.463441] init: [libfs_mgr]by-name symlink not found for partition: 'recovery'
[ 11.471083] init: [libfs_mgr]avb_slot_verify failed, result: 2


Looking at the above problem, it seems that Baidu pointed to AVB, a feature of Android. After comparison, we found that DTS was compiled incorrectly,
the DTS we used was rk3399-tve1030g-avb, but it was compiled into rk3399-tve1030g, which may be due to the lack of AVB function, leading to the failure of startup.


Rk3399 if you want to replace the kernel, you need to burn the boot partition. If you burn kenel and resource, it is invalid.

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