[Solved] Redis executes the monitor command error: noauth authentication required

After redis is connected, a (error) noauth authentication required. error is returned after executing the monitor command

[[email protected] src]# ./redis-cli -p 6412> monitor
(error) NOAUTH Authentication required.

The reason is that you did not log in with password authentication

view the redis configuration file to see the corresponding pass.

# Generated by CONFIG REWRITE
masterauth "2651080c6814a4a9d62da69a12f962b6"
requirepass "2651080c6814a4a9d62da69a12f962b6"

Then, after logging in with redis cli, execute the command auth + password, and then execute the monitor command

[[email protected] src]# ./redis-cli -p 6412> auth 2651080c6814a4a9d62da69a12f962b6
OK> monitor

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