Python’s json.loads Invalid control character

Invalid control character at: line 35 column Invalid control character at: line 35 column Sorrow of mulberry
Gilmar: 1.
This is a call to Baidu map query interface code, using Python’s most original JSON parsing module, using JSON.loads parsing data
debug first: go to the web page directly call the interface, return data looks good
bug second: Using interface debugging tools postman to check the data, there is something wrong with this, the following

reason, although there was something wrong with prompt, but look not to come out from the return to the field, and went to the web site to see the return data,

as if there’s an odd character
so basic sure return a string parsing error
wrong third department: there is a problem to find baidu
2. To

json.loads(s=string, strict=False)
on. loads(s=string, strict=False)
json. Loads (s=string, strict=False)

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