Python Error: [9880] failed to execute script [How to Solve]

1. When I was packing the game, the exe in dist flashes back. You can’t see what the error is.

After recording the screen with the video recorder, the error code is found as follows:

2. According to the error content, scoreboard There is a problem with line 18 of Py:

The cause of the error has been highlighted.

3. Problem-solving:

It is in the font setting “None”, can not be translated, so lead to error, change the “None” to the system font, here changed to ‘SimHei’

When checking the information, I found that other people encountered the problem: the path of the image. The relative path written is not correct, you have to write the absolute path.)

PS: At this point the game can still only be used on your own computer, also because of the picture path problem. The path on your own computer is not the same as the path on other people’s computers. To let others play too, you still have to change it.

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