[Solved] Linux OS python Script Error: smtplib has no attribute SMTP_SSL


After configuring the linux server environment, run the python script and find that the smtplib module reports an error, but not on windows, the error is as follows:

linux  module 'smtplib' has no attribute 'SMTP_SSL'


  • Centos7
  • Python3.7


Find the source code of smtplib.SMTP_SSL and find that the SMTP_SSL class is only established when have_ssl is True, and the have_ssl variable requires ssl dependency to be True, then the problem is found, there is no ssl dependency on linux


  • Install ssl dependencies
yum install openssl openssl-devel
  • Verify that the installation was successful, check the version
openssl version -a
  • Enter your python3.7 directory, for example, my python-3.7.6.tgz file is decompressed and placed in the /usr/tgz/python/Python-3.7.6 directory, enter the Modules folder under the file, some versions is the Module file
cd /usr/tgz/python/Python-3.7.6
cd Modules
  • Modify the Setup file, the changes are as follows, and uncomment the 5 lines of code at more than 200 lines
vim Setup

Press ESC, :wq, Enter and save and exit

  • Return to the previous directory, that is, the python3.7 directory, and reinstall python
cd ..
make && make install
  • Run the code, problem solved

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