[Solved] Failed to obtain/convert traceback after Python Tkinter packages exe

Exe in Python Tkinter packaging causes failed to obtain/convert traceback!

Problem description

python 3.9
windows 10
Packaged and executed commands
pyinstaller -D -w -i xx.ico main.py

After using pyinstaller to package exe, click the EXE file and an error occurs
failed to obtain/convert traceback
the details are shown in the figure:

Cause of problem

After troubleshooting, it is found that there is no problem with the packaged commands. The problem is that the database does not import data during initialization. The data is null. Just fill in the corresponding database values
summary: the problem is that the code does not handle exceptions properly.

solve the problem

    handle the corresponding code exceptions (including those where exceptions may occur) and populate the database

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