On the problem of QT program open crash

The problem
Open the packed program found collapse.
program is made up of two interface. After the first interface is login screen, click login will invoke the other main interface
login interface can open, there is no problem, call the main interface will collapse.
I read it first

https://blog.csdn.net/cqltbe131421/article/details/78036684 the bosses of explanation.

Maybe it’s the pointer. Or event.
comments one by one code hou found the root cause again
inside the constructor USES a

program package after infinite collapse.
no problem after the 63 lines of code commented out.
Because my ExcelViewModel is an empty object. Inside the constructor does not have any code.
I wonder whether the problem.

Added a line of setHeaderData () , the main is to set up the command excelViewModel data in it, and set the column number.
then collapse.

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