Solve the problem of VC 6.0 fatal error C1033: cannot open program database’.\debug\vc60.pdb’

VC++6.0 compiled a few times, suddenly appeared

The always open a program database… debug\vc60.pdb

then compile has been the error information…

There are several sayings on the Internet:

1. File properties, change to archive line.

The 2.
Only need to modify the directory, because my original directory path contains Chinese, not recognized, all changed to English. This doesn’t happen on the Chinese version of XP.

3. Clean all, and then rebuild all!

The 4. It could be a memory leak in your program that causes a dead process!

I tried, looks like the above said method are not make for me,

then, he asked the elder brother of the ACM, they say just restart the VC6.0 with respect to OK, ha ha, problem is solved!!!!!! Well, then another big brother said he just had to shut down the project and turn it on. Well, I haven’t tried that yet…

alas, the power is off… I wanted to paste that article on VC6.0 detecting memory leaks later…

other: on CSDN

PDB is Program the meaning of the Database, recorded some information about the Program and debug the related information.
in the Project Settings can set whether to use PDB, by default is selected. If selected, this file will be automatically generated when recompiling.

other people say the solution is:

Edit-> If Preferences find: repositories is empty, change it to stdmod

The second method to modify the path is the solution to the problem I encountered, but it is not the optimal one. In fact, if you are careful, you will find that the compilation fails because of the Chinese scrambled code caused by the Chinese path, so solving the scrambled code problem should solve the problem.

The solution, of course, is to modify the format of the language’s advanced options.

Hanyu Formats and Language for Non-Unicode Programs choose Chinese.

After following the steps in the red box above

To Build – first & gt; The Clean, and then Build – & gt; Rebuild All

That solves the problem. This is much more convenient than changing the path, especially for Chinese projects where changing the name will make you cry

Declare my IDE environment:

Windows8.1 with UPDATE, English, Enterprise, VC6.0 SP6, the official original mirror file + official download SP6 patch, many castrated version of VC6.0 sometimes appear some puzzling mistakes, especially the Chinese version of VC6.0, even VC assistant VA are not used, as a developer, if fear of English, then I still advised you to change line.

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