Not registered via @EnableConfigurationProperties or marked as Spring component

In springboot, there are the following problems when binding the properties in the class with the configuration in the configuration file:

When using @ configurationproperties, the following prompt appears at the top of idea:

Click the prompt to jump to the official document, and then add the following configuration in POM. XML


The effect after adding is that when you write the configuration file (YML, properties configuration file), you will be prompted

After the above is finished, @ configurationproperties will report an error below. You can see it according to the prompt

Not registered via @ enableconfigurationproperties or marked as spring component    @ Enable configuration properties (person. Class),

After adding, the error is really gone, but in the unit test of springboot, you will see the following error: could not autowire. No beans of ‘person’ type found

  Go back to the user-defined bean person, add the annotation @ component and declare to add the component to the container so that it can be used?

“Only if this component is a component in the container can the @ configurationproperties function provided by the container be used.”

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