Modification scheme of binary files in dot matrix font library

Preface: This article aims at the complete Unicode dot matrix font library (other font library calculation methods are different)
solution: part of the dot matrix font library does not meet the business requirements and needs to be changed again (not the whole font library)
note: the two software used in this article are provided with download link at the back!


1. Get the Unicode code of the character to be modified
(example: á Unicode code 0x00e1)

2. Calculate the position of characters in binary file;


Calculation formula: index = number of bytes occupied by Unicode * characters (need to be converted to decimal and then converted to hexadecimal)

In this example, (0x00e1) converts 225225 * 24 (bytes occupied by characters in the font) = 5400 to hexadecimal


3. According to the calculated position, find the corresponding data (24 consecutive bits after the position (12 * 2)):

As shown in the picture

The red box is the data of this character in the font,

4. Get the desired character lattice data

5. Replace the original data, complete the

Software resources:

Hex Editor Neo download address:

Download address of font 3: CSDN

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