json.load (file) error

1. Problem description
in running a very simple code:

 with open(json_file) as anno_file:
        anno = json.load(anno_file)

, an error:
json. The decoder. JSONDecodeError: Extra data: line 1 column 57054 char (57053)

Reason 2.
according to the prompt, the reason should be the json file of each line there is a limit to the number character (not more than 57053), but my line too much content


 with open(file_write, "w+") as f:
        for infor in dict_w[index]:
            dict_w1 = {infor: dict_w[index][infor]}
            json.dump(dict_w1, f)

4. Further problems
run again at the beginning of reading and an error while reading code:
json. The decoder. JSONDecodeError: Extra data: line 2 column 1 (135) char


on. Load does not support decoding multiple JSON objects: Json. Loads , and json. The load ) does not decode multiple json object.

to fill: What are the JSON objects?

6. The solution of the problem further
way 1: put the object in a list to write again, and then load.

but in my practice, such a line of words too much, there will be 1 mentioned to
problem 2: read line by line, and add a list

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